In Affiliation with

Directorate of Degree, Part-Time/Sandwich NCE and Other Certificates (DIDPPANC)


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1.    The College resumes for academic activities for ALL undergraduate students (Freshers and Stalites) on Monday, 9th August, 2021.


2.    Fresh Students upon receiving notice of admission are to visit www.ui.fcesoyo.edu.ng and click on payment link to pay Acceptance Fee of Twenty-five Thousand naira (N25,000.00) only and generate online payment receipt.


3.    The receipt generated in 2 above will be presented at the Accounts Section of the Directorate (DIDPPANC) and be exchanged for College receipt. (Candidates are advised to make photocopy of the online receipt for Acceptance fee).


4.    With the College receipt freshers are to present themselves for screening at the DIDPPANC Registry.  Those who are successfully screened will be issued with Authority to Pay.


Documents to be presented for screening include:


(i)    Original and verified copied of UTME result slip SSCE results at the College ICT Units of the College.

(ii)   Original and two photocopies each of all credentials uploaded for pre-admission screening (SSCE & GCE, NCE, etc) Any other credential outside the one claimed online will NOT be accepted.

(iii)  Original and two copies of College receipt for N25,000 Acceptance fee

(iv)  8 copies of recent colour-print passport photographs.

(v)  Letter of Attestation (on letter headed paper) from two reputable persons certifying to the moral conduct of the candidate.

(vi)  Local Government Identification Letter.

(vii) Birth Certificate / Declaration of Age.

(viii) Sworn Affidavit Against Cultism.


5.    Candidates are strongly advised to transact business ONLY with the FCES-UI Degree portal at www.ui.fcesoyo.edu.ng in their own interest.


6.    Deadline for payment of school fees for freshers is 29th October, 2021.


7.    A fresher after payment as indicated in item 5 above generate online payment receipt which will be presented at the Accounts Section of DIDPPANC.


8.  Stalites are to visit the www.ui.fcesoyo.edu.ng and click on the payment link for payment of the school fees


9.  Upon payment, an online receipt is to be generated and presented at the Account Section.



10.  On completion of course registration, students are to print out the forms and make six copies.


14.  The completed forms are to be endorsed with the Heads of Departments in their respective Course Areas and by the Academic Programme Officers (APO) of their respective Schools.


15.  The duly signed course forms will be submitted as follows:

a)                  2 copies to the Directorate

b)                  1 copy to each of the HODs (Major and Minor)   

c)                  1 copy to the Academic Programme Office

d)                  1 copy to the student              


16.  The deadline for registration for stalites is Friday, 22nd October, 2021.  Late Registration attracts Five Thousand Naira (N5,000.00) penalty which shall be enforced on student(s).  This may be reviewed at the discretion of the Directorate and all registration (including Late Registration) closes on Friday, 5th November, 2021