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Portal Registration Guide

1. Registering a Portal Account
Admitted 100 Level Student coming to the Portal for the first time will however be required to create a portal account to access the Web Portal by clicking the Create Portal Account menu on the left side of the portal login page. The portal account registration process is a Three (3) stage process.

i. Validation of Tuition Fees Payment: At this section the student is expected to supply the pin and serial number on the scratch card obtained at the College Bursary, and the clearance code collected from the School Office.
ii. Student data biodata capture form: Student is expected to provide his/her accurate Bio-Data in this section. The information supplied will be used in every other section of the portal including the course form, tuition receipt, examination card, certificate on graduation etc. You are to click on preview button to preview the uploaded picture.Student is also expected to check through the data in other to ensure that it is error free before proceeding to the next section.
iii. Account Creation: Here you are expected to provide a six (6) character password for accessing your portal account. You are advised to choose a password that you can easily remember and keep it to yourself. After the creation, you will be directed back to the portal homepage in other to login with your Login ID and your password.

2. Registering Semester Courses
Once a portal account is created, the concerned students must visit their course advisor to know the courses they are eligible to register for the semester, After which they are to proceed with their registration on the web portal with their LOGIN ID and PASSWORD